It is no secret that the dark color of window tints can change the way a vehicle looks and provide a bit more privacy for the occupants of the vehicle. However, what many people do not realize is that window tinting film can actually provide very important UV protection in addition to their cosmetic benefits. Below, you will learn more about how this UV protection can help to prevent damage to your vehicle and your health.

UV Protection For Your Vehicle

The UV rays of the sun can act as a bleaching agent when exposed to your vehicle's upholstery over time. This is why you often see vehicles where the upholstery appears faded in the areas closest to the windows. This type of damage is often referred to as sun-bleaching and can have a variety of effects on your vehicle. For instance, in addition to the obvious cosmetic effects, sun-bleaching can also reduce the resale value of the vehicle.

While it is possible to repair the damage done by sun-bleaching, this repair process can be both time consuming and expensive. In fact, it will often cost far more to restore your vehicle's interior than to simply prevent the problem in the first place by having your windows tinted.

UV Protection For Your Skin

Chances are, you are probably aware of the effect that prolonged exposure to UV rays can have on your skin. This is precisely why so many people put on sunscreen or wear a hat when they plan on spending a day in the sun. The problem is, while people often recognize the dangers associated with UV rays while sunbathing on a local beach, they often fail to recognize these same dangers while driving their car. Consequently, far too many people expose their skin to extreme amounts of UV rays on a daily basis without even realizing the health risk that they are taking

Sun damage is cumulative, meaning that it adds up over time. Each time you expose your skin to UV rays, more damage is being done. Furthermore, it doesn't matter if this exposure happens in direct sunlight or through the windows in your car or home. Eventually, this damage can result in premature wrinkling, sun spots, or even skin cancer.

The good news is, with the UV filtering power of tinted windows, you will never again need to worry about being exposed to UV rays when driving, even if you continue to forget your sunscreen when performing this task.