Your once perfect windshield now has a crack in it which you know in time will lead to splintering and further damage. Here is how to repair a cracked windshield so you are able to repair it when possible instead of having to get it replaced.

Repair Kits

There are many different repair kits to choose from, and they are usually inexpensive and take under an hour to complete. The kits basically do what professionals do, which is to insert a transparent substance into the external layer of the glass. This seals the glass and reduces the appearance of the crack or chip. The substance then hardens leaving a sleek surface, which means the crack is not able to increase in size to cause any more damage.

One such kit entails applying an adhesive sheet and affixing it to the windshield. After you do this, you use a syringe to pull out air that is in the damaged area. While this is happening the adhesive oozes into the crack. You repeat this step several times to force as much adhesive into the crack as possible. Let the adhesive harden before driving or wiping down the glass. Most of the kits follow similar procedures for around the same amount of money and work.

Keep in mind that not all cracks can be repaired, but most can. You must also try to repair it as quickly as possible. It usually only works on small cracks and chips: the bigger the chip or crack, the bigger the chance is that you won't be able to fix it. After you repair it you may still see the damage, although usually it's a marked improvement-- plus it will help keep it from getting any worse.

If All Else Fails, Use a Professional

Time is money so if you think the crack or chip is too big or if the kit is too complicated, then it won't cost that much more to have a professional fix it. In fact, some insurance companies pay a percentage of the repair or the full amount of the repair.

So don't despair next time you get a crack in your windshield, you do have options and it may be repairable. You can use one of the inexpensive kits to get it fixed or check and see if your insurance will fix it. For more information, talk to a company like Glass On Wheels.